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Cardiac repair with cardiac stem cell secretomes

Cardiac repair with cardiac stem cell secretomes

PhD/Honours project

Cardiac stem cell therapy has great potential for repair of ischaemic heart disease. We have recently identified a new population of human cardiac stem cells which are positive for W8B2 antigen and it shows better cardioreparative benefit in vitro than do other adult stem cells from non-cardiac tissues. This benefit has been attributed to their secretion of cytokines, growth factors mRNA and miRNA (the secretome). This project aims to explore the cardioreparative secretome constituents (growth factors, cytokines, extracellular vesicles and exosomes) of W8B2+ cardiac stem cells and to harness their paracrine activities to treat ischaemic heart disease.

Supervised by:

  • Dr Shiang (Max) Lim
  • Disease Focus:

  • Heart disease
  • Research Unit:

  • Cardiac regeneration