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Cardioprotection with NANO-MDIVI-1

Cardioprotection with NANO-MDIVI-1

PhD project

Despite significant therapeutic advances, heart attack remains the leading cause of death worldwide and new therapeutic strategies are needed. Mitochondrial shape change (fusion or fission) allows them to maintain their integrity and efficient bioenergetics of the organelle, as well as influencing cell survival.Inhibiting mitochondrial fission with a small molecule, Mdivi-1, has been shown to protect from acute heart attack. We have recently developed a nanoparticle formulation of Mdivi-1 and this project aims to investigate the long-term cardioprotective effect of this new drug. 

Supervised by:

  • Dr Shiang (Max) Lim
  • Disease Focus:

  • Heart disease
  • Research Unit:

  • Cardiac regeneration