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gp130 and IL-6 cytokine signalling in bone (PhD)

gp130 and IL-6 cytokine signalling in bone (PhD)

PhD project

Supervisors:  A/Prof Natalie Sims, Prof T Jack Martin

Tel: 9288 2480/ Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Cytokines that bind the gp130 (glycoprotein 130) receptor subunit regulate the differentiation of all cell types involved in bone remodelling, a process critical to normal skeletal health which is disrupted in diseases such as osteoporosis. We have recently shown that Oncostatin M (OSM) regulates both bone formation and resorption, through two distinct pathways. This project will define the importance of IL-6 family members and factors that regulate their signaling, SOCS proteins, in osteocytes - cells within the bone matrix. We will use mice with targeted deletion of SOCS proteins in osteocytes and measure changes in bone density and bone cell numbers, and study the differentiation of targeted cells using in vitro culture systems. The response of these mice to treatment with hormones and cytokines such as OSM and parathyroid hormone will also be explored.

Approaches to be used will include the use of knockout mice, small animal surgery, histology and histomorphometry, micro-computed tomography, cell culture, molecular biology including PCR, Western blot and genotyping

Supervised by:

  • A/Prof Natalie Sims
  • Disease Focus:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Research Unit:

  • Bone cell biology and disease