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What are the functional properties of human CD4+ T cells, from people with type 1 diabetes, that respond to proinsulin C-peptide?

PhD project

The aim of this project is to use 10X Genomics single-cell sequencing to analyse the T cell receptor (TCR) usage and epitope specificity of human CD4+ T cells that respond to C-peptide. In addition, the genes expressed by CD4+ T cells specific for C-peptide, an autoantigen, will be compared to genes expressed by CD4+ T cells, from the same donor, who respond to the microbial antigens, influenza matrix protein and/or tetanus toxoid. This work will give unprecedented new insights into the function, and TCR diversity, of human CD4+ T cells specific for microbial an autoantigens.

In addition to SVI Top-Up Scholarships, students working on this project may be eligible for top-up awards from the Australian Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Supervised by:

  • A/Prof Stuart Mannering
  • Disease Focus:

  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Research Unit:

  • Human immunology
  • For further information about this project, contact: [email protected]