Kathy’s story

“My Dad’s mum and sister both passed away due to complications from type 1 diabetes, many years before I was born.

My Mum was a nurse so she picked up that something was wrong with me quite quickly. I remember being very, very thirsty. After I was diagnosed, I have clear memories of Mum having to chase me around the house every morning to give me an injection. When you are 5, an injection is a big deal. However, it didn’t take me too long to make my diabetes work to my advantage. I was a cheeky kid and if I ever happened to get in trouble I was very quick to report that I wasn’t feeling well and could go into a coma at any moment!

These days, routine is the key to my success. As a general rule I eat sensibly, am active and I keep regular appointments with my doctor. I do still struggle to keep my sugars good all the time, but I’m not too hard on myself and accept that things such as stress, which I can’t always control, can affect my sugar levels.

The thought of going blind or having a limb amputated in the future always plays on my mind, but I do my best to reduce the risk of this happening by taking care of myself. I hope that a cure is found. In the meantime, I know that further inroads are being made towards treating the complications associated with diabetes, which will give me a much better outlook than my grandmother and aunt had.”