Posted 20 September 2023

SVI Seminar Series – Prof Andrea O’Conner

Upcoming seminar

Date: Tuesday 26th September

Professor Andrea O’Conner
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne

Seminar title:

Biomaterial technologies for tissue repair: vascularisation, stimulation, and infection prevention


Tissue engineering and medical implants have great potential to restore lost tissue functions. Biomaterials play many important roles in this, including restoring lost functions, providing space for tissue growth, acting as scaffolding for cell attachment and migration, mimicking native tissue microenvironments, and delivering bioactive signals. This presentation will describe biomaterial strategies to address three key challenges in this field: developing scalable fabrication methods which capture native blood vessel morphology in tissue-engineered vascular grafts; providing mechanical stimuli to cells in culture to enhance biofabrication and maturation using magnetic forces; and design of antimicrobial nanomaterials that can help combat antimicrobial resistance.

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About our seminar series

SVI hosts a regular seminar series for researchers and students to highlight current research being undertaken by our collaborators and other scientists driving new research discoveries.

Unless otherwise stated, most seminars have a Zoom and an in-person option.

Seminars take place from 12 – 1pm at our building located at 9 Princes Street Fitzroy, and are following by a light lunch to allow the presenter and guests to network.

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Prof Andrea O'Conner seminar flyer