A word from Tom

Posted: 17th November 2021

SVI was founded more than 60 years ago, thanks to an extraordinarily generous bequest from champion horse-trainer Jack Holt. Since that time, the partnership between altruism and science has given life to discoveries that otherwise would not have happened.

Philanthropy powers our scientific endeavour every day, through the lifecycle of research: from Scholarships supporting brilliant young students, through Fellowships for early career researchers, to the Discovery Fund endowment which has now enabled the establishment of a new SVI laboratory to advance ovarian cancer research.

We are immensely grateful to all our donors, large and small.

In your gifts to SVI, you contribute to the transformative power of new knowledge to improve healthcare and reduce the burden of disease. It is this sense of science with
purpose that, ultimately, drives all our work at SVI.

Our scientists, and our donors, are passionate in facing, head-on, some of the most critical health challenges in the world today – including cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and dementia.

At SVI, our scientists seek answers to fundamental questions of human biology, health and disease. And we look to turn this new knowledge into better treatments and care, through clinical research and clinical trials – sometimes by ourselves and often in collaboration with clinicians and industry. We celebrate fundamental discoveries about the body and practical applications alike – because we know that both are required to make advances in human healthcare. Indeed, any new breakthrough, ‘wonder’ drug or big leap forward is only possible with new understanding.

With our sights firmly focused on real-world outcomes, we are constantly looking for opportunities to make a difference now, as well as into the future. We know that you, like us, are inspired by discovery and driven by purpose – the belief that science can and should make a real contribution to society, for the good of all.