Carl Walkley appointed Professor

Posted: 01st September 2020

Carl Walkley, Head of SVI’s Cancer & RNA Biology Laboratory, has been appointed an honorary Professor by the University of Melbourne.

“Carl is a leader the field of RNA regulation. His work has contributed to the rapidly increasing appreciation of RNA modifications and their contributions to human disease,” said SVI Director Professor Tom Kay.

“His research has laid significant groundwork for understanding the development of a number of rare diseases with unmet needs, including osteosarcoma, myelodysplastic syndrome and Aicardi Goutières Syndrome. It is gratifying to see his contributions to medical research recognised by the University with this appointment.”

Carl has long been interested in how RNA editing by ADAR proteins changes the RNA landscape and contributes to normal physiology and cancer.

“We are also interested in why RNA splicing mutations are so important in the formation of blood cancers, in particular myelodysplastic syndrome. We use the models we generate to identify and develop new therapies for cancer,” said Carl.

Carl’s research program is highly competitive in an area of accelerating global research, leveraging local and international collaborations to drive fundamental advances. He also has an outstanding record of training outstanding young researchers, many of whom have gone on to success in their own right.