Prevention tools at heart of study

Posted: 20th April 2020

Associate Professor Jock Campbell is one of SVI's longest-serving employees. Both a physician and a researcher, Jock's interests lie in understanding what causes cardiovascular disease and how to prevent it. His latest study is featured in the latest issue of Research Australia's INSPIRE magazine.

“What has frustrated me for a number of years is that the current practices to identify people at risk of heart and kidney disease are based on decades-old practices that perform poorly in the Australian population. With the help of a Vanguard Grant from the National Heart Foundation of Australia, I hope to change that.

"If we get the outcomes I am hoping for from this study – new tools to improve the prediction of CVD and kidney disease risk in older Australians  – we will be able to say, ‘Out with the old, and in with the new’ and they will get the advice and treatment they need to prevent CVD and kidney disease sooner, rather than later,” says Jock.

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