Louise Purton appointed as Professor

Posted: 22nd July 2019

Louise Purton, Head of SVI’s Stem Cell Regulation Laboratory, has been appointed an honorary Professor by the University of Melbourne.

“Louise’s contribution to our understanding of how the body regulates its production of blood cells and how this can go wrong is internationally acknowledged,” SVI Director, Professor Tom Kay said. “We are extremely proud to see her recognised by the University with this appointment.”

Louise has pioneered studies showing that vitamin A is a key regulator of blood-forming stem cells and also the microenvironment in which they are made.

Louise says, “I love solving puzzles and research is an ongoing puzzle. You always have questions and the only way to find the answer is to figure it out yourself. My goal is to translate my answers into the clinic to improve patient outcomes for people with blood diseases.”

Louise’s research has to date resulted in numerous grants, peer reviewed articles and four clinical trials. Louise is also passionate about fostering the career of the nest generation, with a focus on women in STEMM.