NHMRC success for SVI researchers

Posted: 06th December 2017

Research programs at SVI investigating type 2 diabetes, cancer and type 1 diabetes have received more than $14million in National Health and Medical Council (NHMRC) funding in this year's round of grants. 

The outcome of NHMRC Project Grants, announced today, fund 3-5 year-long research projects, as well as the salaries of many of our researchers, is eagerly anticipated by the sector. 

Six SVI researchers were awarded Project Grants in the most recent round: three grants to researchers in the Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit (Drs Jon Oakhill, John Scott and Sandra Galic), and grants to cancer researchers A/Prof Carl Walkley and Dr Andrew Deans (with A/Prof Jörg Heierhorst) and type 1 diabetes researcher A/Prof Helen Thomas (with Prof Tom Kay and A/Prof Stuart Mannering).

This funding is in addition to Prof Tom Kay's Program grant into type 1 diabetes, announced by the Health Minister last month. Dr Chris Langendorf from the Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit was also awarded an Early Career Fellowship.

SVI Director Professor Tom Kay says that the NHMRC funding is an indication that SVI has the confidence of the NHMRC, and its panel members. "In this day and age, we all know how competitive and difficult it is to receive NHMRC grant funding. It's reassuring to see that the researchers who have been successful in this year's funding round have been acknowledged for the important work they are doing, and given the stamp of approval to continue in their quest for discovery in some important areas of research across cancer, type 1 diabetes and protein chemistry and metabolism; this research in particular may provide new insights for the molecular basis of age onset diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease."