Our 2018-19 Research Review

Posted: 29th April 2019

Research.  Discovery.  Impact.

Those three words loom large in the SVI 2018-19 Annual Review, and with good reason. 

St Vincent’s Institute is singularly focused on creating better health for all Australians by understanding the processes that lead to common diseases. And it is research that leads to the discovery of those processes.

As you will read, the SVI research that many individuals and organisations have so generously supported, has delivered some exciting discoveries in the year under review.

Research from Associate Professor Carl Walkley’s laboratory has resulted in the development of a valuable tool with which to test new treatments for myelodysplastic syndrome, a type of blood cancer which currently has limited treatment options.

We are also excited by discoveries in our Immunology & Diabetes Unit, where planning is currently under way for a clinical trial to preserve the remaining insulin-producing cells in young people with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes. The drug we will test is currently used to treat rheumatoid arthritis which, like type 1 diabetes is also a disease caused by the immune system. If the trial is successful, we will test if the drug can also prevent diabetes before its onset.

There is so much exciting potential for new discoveries around the corner in each of our laboratories.

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