Passion for a healthier future drives bequestor

Posted: 25th July 2018

In our most recent newsletter, Bernadette Dennis, a long-term SVI supporter and member of the Jack Holt Society, shared her reasons for leaving a Bequest to SVI in her Will: 

“My association with the St Vincent’s campus started when I was born at St Vincent’s Maternity Hospital, then located on Victoria Parade. Since I was one of eight children, our family became very familiar with the hospital! Many of my father’s friends worked at the hospital and it was where my sister started her nursing career in 1962. 

I have only a very vague memory of hearing about a research institute. This changed, however, when the brother-in-law of one of my closest school friends became the director. SVI then became more familiar and although I lived and worked overseas for many years, I was able to follow its successes.

On one of my return visits to Melbourne, I attended a fundraising dinner at the Park Hyatt. From then on, through family and friends, I felt myself connected - as an advocate for SVI - and I continue to be in awe of the work of the researchers. 

Over the past 14 years, I have had a sister and a brother die of cancer, and I have a sister with MS. Like us all, I have friends with Alzheimer’s disease, with cardiac challenges and with various disgusting cancers. We need to find cures and we need to see medical research become a community focus. This is why I have left a small Bequest to SVI in my Will. 

A Bequest can advance the cutting-edge work of a scientist, provide a scholarship for a PhD student, purchase vital equipment to speed up a discovery or help develop a drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Bequests can be directed to a specific area of medical research, and can be named in honour of a loved one.

This wonderful medical discovery institute was a direct result of the Bequest left by Jack Holt. Just leaving a percentage of your estate is not about decreasing your family’s inheritance, but about providing them, and the community, with a healthier future."

For more information, or a confidential discussion about a gift to SVI in your Will, contact Kate Barnett, Chief Executive of the SVI Foundation, at [email protected] or (03) 9231 3265