Spring 2019 newsletter - something for everyone

Posted: 18th September 2019

In the 2019 Spring edition of our newsletter, The Edman, you will find an editiorial from our Director, Professor Tom Kay, who focuses on Melbourne's position as 'one of the great medical cities'in the world', and a lot more.

You'll also find interesting articles on the latest discoveries in bone  and cancer research - did you know that about 60% of bone fracture happen in people who have had a normal bone density scan? Or that our Genome Stability Unit has undertaken two separate studies that have highlighted a mechanism that might eventually allow us to specifically kill cancer cells that rely on a way to extend their 'shelf life'? There's also a great article about how our Structural Biology scientists, who as part of an international team, have recently published work showing how cancer cells bypass the effectiveness of a commonly used cancer drug called cisplatin. 

We've also focused on one of our talented PhD students, who left his native Ecuador specifically to work in our Cancer & RNA Biology Lab. And we celebrate Louise Purton's appointment to honorary Professor by the University of Melbourne, as well as our second Fanconi Anaemia Family Day, founded by SVI researcher Dr Wayne Crismani. Type 1 diabetes researcher Dr Michaela Waibel also talks about research life after becoming a mum.

Yes ... there's something in it for everyone. You can read the newsletter here.