Spring newsletter 2020

Posted: 08th September 2020

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter provides some relief from the recent cloudy skies we've experienced due to both the tail end of winter and the pandemic. We hope you'll find it to be a refreshing and uplifting read.

SVI Director, Professor Tom Kay, provides some insights into how we're navigating our research during these unpredictable times, and touches on the importance of managing and maintaining mental health. 

You'll meet some of our passionate young and emerging researchers, and hear about their research. There's a personal story from one of our donors about the promising clinician-researcher they support and their motivations for doing so - belief in SVI's research expertise, hope for the future and a passion to improve the health and wellbeing of our community. 

We've also included some success stories, including a $2.26 million grant from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) and Awards received by both a recent PhD graduate and our Deputy Director. It's heartening to see our focus on excellence illustrated in both our emerging, and established, scientists. 

You'll see why we call them our Rising Stars.

You can read the newsletter here.