SVI 2019/20 Research Report – Where hope begins

Posted: 25th May 2020

Our 2019-20 Research Report, ‘Where hope begins’, is a tribute to the innate sense of optimism and tenacity that defines Australians, and which has been clearly demonstrated by Australia's collective response to the many challenges that have come our way in the past year.

These same qualities are displayed by our researchers every day. They come to the lab with the goal of making a difference through medical research, motivated by the people whose lives are disrupted by ill health.

Some of these people, who have had to deal with a first-hand experience of a disease diagnosis, have generously shared their experiences in our Research Report. Their stories appear side by side with the work of our researchers.

We thank Sally, Libby Rose, Grant, Melanie, Catherine and Louisa for their honest and touching accounts of their journeys from diagnosis to treatment. Their stories are inspiring, and they remind us that there is always more that can be done – more questions to ask, more knowledge to be gained and more lives to improve.

They also remind us of why we are here – to give hope to others through discoveries that could change lives and improve the health of not only Australians, but people throughout the world.

The ‘fuel’ that keeps our researchers inspired, is provided by many – in particular our many Board and Foundation Board members, fundraisers and supporters – who by their very personal actions demonstrate just how much they believe in our scientists and their work.

We thank them for their unfailing commitment and generosity.

We hope you enjoy reading our Research Report; you can view it here.