SVI Seminar Series

Posted: 01st February 2022

SVI regularly hosts seminars from internal and external researchers, from a variety of research backgrounds.

These seminars are targeted at scientists and tertiary students in related fields; no RSVP is required.

The seminars normally take place on Tuesdays from 12pm - 1pm, and are usually presented via Zoom and in person; however, sometimes they can only be presented only via Zoom due to speaker location or COVID-19 restrictions.

Where permission is provided by speakers, the seminars are recorded and available via our YouTube page.

Our next seminar is Tuesday 16 August at 12pm and the speaker is Associate Professor Michelle McDonald.

Title: 'Osteomorph: a new bone cell involved in skeletal turnover and the development of bone metastases'

Using a novel intravital imaging technique to visualise tumour cell fate, bone cell dynamics and tumour-bone cell interactions we have advanced our fundamental understanding of tumour cell dormancy and osteoclast biology, and uncovered mechanisms behind clinical responses to anti-resorptive therapies. Through targeting this novel cell biology, we are defining strategies to prevent bone loss in patients who are withdrawn from anti-RANKL therapy. We are also investigating new approaches to prevent bone metastatic tumours indirectly through targeting the bone microenvironment.

About the speaker:

Associate Professor Michelle McDonald’s research careers spans over 19 years, attaining her PhD in 2008 she is currently Group Leader of the Bone Microenvironment Group at The Garvan Institute, Sydney. Through the development of a novel intravital imaging technique her research has allowed, for the first time, visualisation of tumour cell fate, bone cell dynamics and cell-cell interactions inside bone in real time, revealing novel tumour and bone cell biology. Michelle has developed an international profile in this field,  her work recently attracting a number of awards, and grants and spanning collaborations with academic and industry partners internationally.

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