SVI Seminar Series

Posted: 02nd December 2021

SVI regularly hosts seminars from internal and external researchers, from a variety of research backgrounds.

These seminars are targeted at scientists and tertiary students in related fields; no RSVP is required.

The seminars normally take place on Tuesdays from 12pm - 1pm, and are usually presented via Zoom and in person; however, sometimes they can only be presented only via Zoom due to speaker location or COVID-19 restrictions.

Where permission is provided by speakers, the seminars are recorded and available via our YouTube page.

Our next seminar is Tuesday 17 May at 12pm and the speaker is Associate Professor Connie Wong, Monash Centre for Inflammatory Diseases.

The title of A/Prof Wong's talk is 'Effects of Stroke Beyond the Brain'.

In this presentation, I will go through some of our recent published and unpublished work on the effect of stroke on the lung neutrophil function and gut barrier integrity. We believe revealing the underlying mechanisms behind stroke-induced impairment of these vulnerable mucosal sites will lead to the discovery of novel therapeutics aimed at reducing infectious complications after stroke and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

About the speaker:

Associate Professor Connie Wong is a current CSL Centenary Fellow, head of the Neuroinflammation Research Group and Deputy Director of Monash Centre for Inflammatory Diseases. The focus of Connie's research is investigating the pathophysiology of stroke and the subsequent host inflammatory response. Connie's research vision is to identify novel pharmacological approaches for reducing bacterial infections in patients with stroke. Identifying a new and better-targeted approach to limit this important cause of morbidity and mortality in stroke patients will bypass the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Link to session (being presented in person and on Zoom):

Passcode: 984936

Download the flyer: