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Posted: 24th May 2021

Donor support for SVI's Rising Stars Program gives early career researchers like Dr Michael Sharp an invaluable step up.
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"I have always wanted to be a medical researcher. I have a primary school yearbook where next to my name it says: ‘Wants to cure cancer’. This was because, like probably everyone else reading this, my life was touched by this devastating disease. At a young age, a very close family friend succumbed to a long battle with breast cancer."

"I remember talking to my mum about how cruel cancer is and she suggested: 'Maybe you should become a medical researcher and try to find a cure.' From that point on, I was set. I entered the science stream throughout high school and university and fell in love with biology. I ended up completing my PhD at James Cook University and got a position at SVI in the DNA Repair & Recombination Laboratory."

"Come full circle, I am now searching for a drug that will be a new targeted therapy for the hardest-to-treat breast and ovarian cancers. What I mean by a targeted treatment is that the drug will specifically kill the cancer cells, with little effect on the rest of the body. Unlike what our dear friend endured with years of harsh chemotherapy. As you can imagine, support from the SVI Rising Stars Program means a lot to me personally, but certainly for my career too."

"After receiving this funding, I was able to attract additional support for a project that will further my search for this new drug. It has also resulted in publications and an award-winning presentation at an international conference – all of which will put me in a better position to make the next breakthrough. As you may know, the funding landscape is quite dire for early career researchers like me."

"Receiving philanthropic support has secured my position for three years. This is a rare opportunity that I am grabbing with both hands to kick-start my career and continue developing the anti-cancer treatment."

"That’s why I am so passionate about SVI’s Rising Stars Program, which is funded by our generous donors."
Image: Dr Michael Sharp in primary school


Learn more about Michael's research in this short video.

"Your support gives our researchers enormous encouragement as they strive, day in and day out, to find better and more effective treatments, and even cures, for the common diseases that affect so many of us. I urge you to donate to this tax-time appeal, and help improve health outcomes for those in need. In advance, and on behalf of the entire SVI research team, thank you for your support." - Professor Tom Kay, SVI Director

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