Welcome to our world

Posted: 24th May 2021

SVI Year, our research review, gives a window into our world.

Throughout 2020, our researchers persevered with their important work – in their labs and in their home offices.

They navigated the challenges we all faced – juggling children and home-schooling by day and collaborating with colleagues and peers near and far via Zoom.

They carried out important experiments, painstakingly composed research articles and sweated over grant applications.

All in aid of SVI’s mission: to create and harness knowledge of disease to improve health outcomes.

SVI Year gives voice to these efforts and highlights the difference our discoveries can make for people living with disease.

Anders tells us why he signed up for SVI’s world-leading type 1 diabetes clinical trial.

Gay’s endurance through the devastation of chemotherapy motivates our search for more effective and targeted cancer treatment.

Jann’s life with bipolar disorder is the reason we delve deep to understand and control brain energy metabolism.

And Kevin’s experience with amputation shows how engineered skin flaps could revolutionise type 2 diabetes care.

We extend our thanks to the people featured in our research review, who have so willingly and openly shared their stories. Their experience informs our expertise – it motivates discovery and strengthens our resolve.

We’d also like to thank you for your support over the past 12 months; we invite you to enter the world of SVI to see for yourself the difference that, together, we can make.

You can view SVI Year here.