Research Life

Research life

Profile - Andrew Deans - Genome Stability

Posted 06th July 2016

Dr Andrew Deans, Head Genome Stability Unit SVI
Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA) Mid Career Fellow
Research interests: Familial breast/ovarian cancer; Fanconi Anaemia; Bloom’s Syndrome; DNA damage signalling and repair; regulation of ubiquitination; roles of DNA damage response proteins during chemotherapy.
Read more about Andrew here.

Profile - Michael Parker - Structural Biology

Posted 26th May 2016

Professor Michael Parker, Deputy Director SVI
Head, Structural Biology Unit and Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) Rational Drug Discovery Centre
Research interests: Alzheimer's disease, cancer, bacterial and viral infections.
Read more about Michael here.

Why is medical research important ?

Posted 24th November 2015

Research at SVI focuses on diseases that affect many Australian families.

Women in Research 2015

Posted 08th May 2015

Life as a researcher and mother, explained by three of our most senior researchers.

Women in Research 2014

Posted 14th May 2014

Women in Research Award recipient, Dr Kate Graham, explains the difference that the inaugural Award made to her.

SVI Annual Forum 2013: Unleashing Innovation

Posted 22nd May 2013

SVI staff and supporters gathered at the Deakin Edge at Fed Square on a stormy Melbourne afternoon in May to explore the topic ‘Unleashing Innovation’ at SVI’s Annual Forum.

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