Dr Christopher Langendorf

Research Unit

Protein chemistry & metabolism


Research Officer, Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit

Professional Experience

2005            BSc. Hon Monash University
2005-7         Research assistant, Monash University
2011-13        Research assistant, Monash University
2013-15        Research assistant, Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit, SVI
2015             PhD Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University
2015-            Research officer, Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit, SVI


2009             NHMRC Dora Lush Postgraduate scholarship

Research Interests

Protein structure and function; X-ray crystallography; allosteric modulation of enzymes; signal transduction of allosteric signals; regulation of protein kinases involved in metabolism. 

Selected Publications

  1. Langendorf, C. G., Ngoei, K. R. W., Scott, J. W., Ling, N. X. Y., Issa, S. M. A., Gorman, M. A., Parker, M. W., Sakamoto, K., Oakhill, J. S. and Kemp, B. E. (2016) Structural basis of allosteric and synergistic activation of AMPK by furan-2-phosphonic derivative C2 binding. Nature Communications, 7:10912.
  2. Scott, J. W., Park, E., Rodriguiz, R. M., Oakhill, J. S., Issa, S. M., O'Brien, M. T., Dite, T. A., Langendorf, C. G., Wetsel, W. C., Means, A. R., and Kemp, B. E. (2015) Autophosphorylation of CaMKK2 generates autonomous activity that is disrupted by a T85S mutation linked to anxiety and bipolar disorder. Sci Rep 5, 14436.
  3. Scott, J. W., Galic, S., Graham, K. L., Foitzik, R., Ling, N. X., Dite, T. A., Issa, S. M., Langendorf, C. G., Weng, Q. P., Thomas, H. E., Kay, T. W., Birnberg, N. C., Steinberg, G. R., Kemp, B. E., and Oakhill, J. S. (2015) Inhibition of AMP-Activated Protein Kinase at the Allosteric Drug-Binding Site Promotes Islet Insulin Release. Chem Biol 22, 705-711.
  4. Langendorf, C. G., and Kemp, B. E. (2015) Choreography of AMPK activation. Cell Research 25, 5-6.
  5. Scott, J. W., Oakhill, J. S., Ling, N. X., Langendorf, C. G., Foitzik, R. C., Kemp, B. E., and Issinger, O. G. (2014) ATP sensitive bi-quinoline activator of the AMP-activated protein kinase. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 443, 435-440.
  6. Scott, J. W., Ling, N., Issa, S. M., Dite, T. A., O'Brien, M. T., Chen, Z. P., Galic, S., Langendorf, C. G., Steinberg, G. R., Kemp, B. E., and Oakhill, J. S. (2014) Small molecule drug A-769662 and AMP synergistically activate naive AMPK independent of upstream kinase signaling. Chem Biol 21, 619-627.
  7. Langendorf, C. G., Tuck, K. L., Key, T. L. G., Fenalti, G., Pike, R. N., Rosado, C. J., Wong, A. S. M., Buckle, A. M., Law, R. H. P. and Whisstock, J. C. (2013) Structural characterization of the mechanism through which human glutamic acid decarboxylase auto-inactivates. Bioscience Reports 33, 133-144.
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