Dr Jacki Heraud-Farlow

Research Unit

Cancer & RNA biology


Post-doctoral Research Officer
Honorary Fellow, University of Melbourne

Professional Experience

2016 - present        Postdoctoral research officer, SVI
2012 - 2013             Postdoc, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Vienna
2008 - 2012            PhD, University of Vienna
2006 - 2008           Research Assistant, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute
2005                       Honours (Genetics), University of Melbourne
2002 - 2004           Bachelor of Biomedical Science, University of Melbourne


2020 - present       5point foundation Christine Martin Fellow
2019                       SVI Rising Star Award
2018 - 2019            E.H. Flack Fellow
2017                       Susan Alberti Women in Science Award

Research Interests

RNA biology, RNA editing, auto-inflammatory disease, cancer.

Selected Publications

  1. Heraud-Farlow JE, Chalk AM, Gupte, A, Taylor S, Li JB, Walkley CR (2017) Adenosine-to-Inosine RNA editing by ADAR1 is dispensable for normal murine development once self-recognition by MDA5 is prevented. Genome Biology (18) 1: 166
  2. Sharangdhar T, Sugimoto Y, HeraudFarlow JE, Fernández‐Moya SM, Ehses J, Ruiz de los Mozos I, Ule J, Kiebler MA (2017) A retained intron in the 3′‐UTR of Calm3 mRNA mediates its Staufen2‐and activity‐dependent localization to neuronal dendrites. EMBO Rep 18(10):1762-1774
  3. Heraud-Farlow JE, Sharangdhar T, Li X, Pfeifer P, Tauber S, Orozco D, Hörmann A, Thomas S, Bakosova A, Farlow A, Edbauer D, Lipshitz H, Morris Q, Bilban M, Doyle M, Kiebler MA (2013) Staufen2 regulates neuronal target mRNAs. Cell Reports,5(6):1511-8
  4. Fritzsche R, Karra D, Bennett KL, Ang F, Heraud-Farlow JE, Tolino M, Doyle M, Bauer KE, Thomas S, Planyavsky M, Arn E, Bakosova A, Jungwirth K, Hörmann A, Palfi Z, Sandholzer J, Schwarz M, Macchi P, Colinge J, Superti-Furga G and Kiebler MA. (2013) Interactome of two diverse RNA granules links mRNA localization to translational repression in neurons. Cell Reports 5(6):1749-62
  5. Jabbour AM, Heraud JE, Daunt CP, Kaufmann T, Sandow J, O'Reilly LA, Callus BA, Lopez A, Strasser A, Vaux DL, Ekert PG (2009) Puma indirectly activates Bax to cause apoptosis in the absence of Bid or Bim. Cell Death Differ. 16(4):555-63
  6. Ekert PG, Jabbour AM, Manoharan A, Heraud JE, Yu J, Pakusch M, Michalak EM, Kelly PN, Callus B, Kiefer T, Verhagen A, Silke J, Strasser A, Borner C, Vaux DL. (2006) Cell death provoked by loss of interleukin-3 signaling is independent of Bad, Bim, and PI3 kinase, but depends in part on Puma. Blood. Sep 1;108(5):1461-8.