Dr Kim Loh

Research Unit

Protein chemistry & metabolism


Senior Research Officer

Professional Experience

2007        BBiomedSc Hon, Monash University
2008-12   PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University
2012-15    Research Officer, Neuroscience Division, Garvan Institute
2013-15    Conjoint Associate Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Australia
2015-        Senior Research Officer, SVI


2007         Monash Biomedical Science Honours Scholarship
2008-11    International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
2008-11    Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS)
2010         The Annual Research Conference (Monash University)- 1st prize seminar winner
2012-13    Diabetes Australia Research Trust (DART) General Research Grant
2015-17    NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant

Research Interests

Diabetes and Obesity - Role of AMPK in Cholesterol and Lipid Metabolism; Neuroscience and Endocrinology – Central Regulation of Glucose and Energy Homeostasis

Selected Publications

  1. Kim Loh., Deng, H., Fukushima, A., Cai, X., Boivin, B., Galic, S., Bruce, C., Shields, B.J., Skiba B., Ooms L., Stepto, N., Wu, B., Mitchell, C.A., Tonks, N.K., Watt, M.J., Febbraio, M.A., Crack, P.J., Andrikopoulos, S., and Tiganis, T. (2009) Reactive oxygen species enhance insulin sensitivity. Cell Metabolism. 10, 260-272. This manuscript was the Featured Article of the issue & an ‘Editor’s Choice’ article in Science Signaling [Redox signaling; The sensitive side of ROS (2009) Science Signaling 2, Issue 92 page ec334].
  2. Kim Loh, Atsushi Fukushima, Xinmei Zhang, Sandra Galic, Dana Briggs, Pablo J. Enriori, Stephanie Simonds, Florian Weide, Alexander Reichenbach, Christine Hauser, Natalie A. Sims, Kendra K. Bence, Sheng Zhang, Zhong-Yin Zhang, Barbara B. Kahn, Benjamin G. Neel, Zane B. Andrews, Michael A. Cowley, and Tony Tiganis (2011) Elevated hypothalamic TCPTP in obesity contributes to cellular leptin resistance. Cell Metabolism. 14, 684-699
  3. Kim Loh, Troy Merry, Sandra Galic, Ben Wu, Matthew Watt, Benjamin G. Neel, and Tony Tiganis (2012) TCPTP-deficiency in muscle does not alter insulin signalling and glucose homeostasis in mice. Diabetologia. 55 (2):468-478
  4. Ernie Yulyaningsih*, Kim Loh*, Shu Lin*, Jackie Lau, Lei Zhang, Yanchuan Shi, Britt Berning, Ronaldo Enriquez,  Frank Driessler, Laurence Macia, Ee Khor, Yue Qi, Paul Baldock, Amanda Sainsbury & Herbert Herzog (2014) Pancreatic Polypeptide controls energy homeostasis via Npy6r signaling in the suprachiasmatic nucleus in mice. Cell Metabolism. 19, 58-72 *These authors contributed equally to this work.
  5. Garron Dodd, Stephanie Descherf, Kim Loh, Stephanie E. Simonds, Florian Wiede, Eglantine Balland, Troy L. Merry, Heike Münzberg, Zhong-Yin Zhang, Barbara B. Kahn, Benjamin G. Neel, Kendra K. Bence, Zane B. Andrews, Michael A. Cowley, and Tony Tiganis (2015) Leptin and insulin act on POMC neurons to promote browning of white fat. Cell. 160, 88-104
  6. Kim Loh, Herbert Herzog, Yan-chuan Shi (2015) Regulation of Energy Homeostasis by the NPY system. Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism. 26(3), 125-135
  7. Shi YC, Kim Loh, Bensellam M, Lee K, Zhai L, Lau J, Cantley J, Luzuriaga J, Laybutt DR, Herzog H. (2015) Pancreatic PYY is critical in the control of insulin secretion and glucose homeostasis in female mice. Endocrinology. 159 (9) 3122-3136
  8. Litwak SA, Kim Loh, Stanley WJ, Pappas EG, Wali JA, Selck C, Strasser A, Thomas HE, Gurzov EN. (2016) p53-upregulated-modulator-of-apoptosis (PUMA) deficiency affects food intake but does not impact on body weight or glucose homeostasis in diet-induced obesity. Scientific Reports. 6:23802