Dr Michael Sharp

Research Unit

DNA repair & recombination


Post-doctoral research officer

Professional Experience

2017 – present Postdoctoral research officer, SVI
2015-17 Scientist, National Measurement Institute, Melbourne
2011-15 PhD Biochemistry, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia
2010 BSc Biotechnology (First Class Honours), RMIT University


2019 Co-FARF tank winner (from the Fanconi Anaemia Research Fund)
2019 The CASS Foundation travel award
2014 James Cook University PhD Completion Scholarship
2013 JCU Graduate Research School project grant
2011 Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship (3.5 years)

Research Interests

Drug discovery
I am searching for compounds that could be used as targeted chemotherapy for ‘BRCA’ breast and ovarian cancers. Our goal is to target a cellular DNA repair mechanism called the Fanconi anaemia pathway, which is vital for the survival of these breast and ovarian cancer cells. Furthermore, drugs that interact with the Fanconi Anaemia pathway could be developed into a treatment for the bone marrow failure syndrome, Fanconi Anaemia.

Assay development for diagnostics
I have transferred my skills and knowledges from my PhD project on seafood allergen detection and diagnosis to the DNA repair and cancer fields, where we are developing tools for research and diagnostics.

Selected Publications

  1. Koeberl, M, Sharp, M. F., et al., 2018, Lupine allergen detecting capability and cross-reactivity of related legumes by ELISA. Food Chem. 256, 105-112
  2. Ruethers, T.; Raith, M.; Sharp, M. F., et al 2017. Characterisation of Ras k 1 a novel major allergen in Indian mackerel and identification of parvalbumin as the major fish allergen in 33 Asia-Pacific fish species. Clin & Exp Allergy. Accepted
  3. Stephen, J. N., Sharp, M. F., et al., 2017. Allergenicity of bony and cartilaginous fish – molecular and immunological properties, Clin & Exp Allergy, 47(3):300-312
  4. Sharp, M. F., et al., 2015. Immunological cross-reactivity between four distant parvalbumins - impact on allergen detection and diagnostics. Mol. Immunol. 63(2):437-48
  5. Sharp, M. F., et al. 2014. Differential IgE binding to isoallergens from Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) in children and adults. Mol. Immunol. 62, 77-85.
  6. Saptarshi S. R1., Sharp M. F1., 2014. Antibody reactivity to the major fish allergen parvalbumin is determined by isoforms and impact of thermal processing. Food Chem. 148, 321-328
  7. Sharp M. F. and Lopata A. L., 2014. Fish Allergy: In Review. Clin. Rev. Allergy Immunol.