Dr Stefan Hermans

Research Unit

Structural biology


Structural Biology, Neurodegeneration
Post-doctoral Research Officer

Professional Experience

2013 - Present          Post-doctorate Research Officer - St Vincent’s Institute
2008 - 2012              PhD, Biomedical Science. Department of Molecular
                                  Medicine and Pathology, Faculty of Medical and Health    
                                  Sciences, The University of Auckland, New Zealand
2008 - 2012              Undergraduate Laboratory Demonstrator - The University
                                  of Auckland
2007 - 2008              Summer Studentship - The University of Auckland
2004 - 2008              BSc (Hons), Biomedical Science, The University of


2011                 Lorne Conference on Protein Structure and Function Poster Award
2010                Maurice Wilkins Centre 3min Thesis
                        Presentation First Place Award
2009                University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship
2008                Biomedical Science Honours Research Symposium Oral
                        Presentation Award
2008                University of Auckland Masters/Honours/PG Dip Scholarship
2007                Senior Prize in Biological Sciences

Research Interests

As a Structural Biologist I study the structure of proteins at atomic resolution. By solving the structure of a protein we learn how the protein functions and how we might modulate it through structure guided drug-design. Because of this, structural biology is an incredibly useful tool in almost all biological fields.
My research currently centers on studying the structure of proteins that are believed to play an important role in diseases of neurodegeneration, such as Alzheimer’s disease. I also collaborate with groups that focus on cancer research.

Selected Publications

  1. Leaver D.J., Cleary B., Nguyen N., Priebbenow D.L., Lagiakos H.R., Sanchez J., Xue L., Huang F., Sun Y., Mujumdar P., Mudududdla R., Varghese S., Teguh S., Charman S.A., White K.L., Katneni K., Cuellar M., Strasser J.M., Dahlin J.L., Walters M.A., Street I.P., Monahan B.J., Jarman K.E., Sabroux H.J., Falk H., Chung M.C., Hermans S.J., Parker M.W., Thomas T., Baell J.B. (2019) Discovery of Benzoylsulfonohydrazides as Potent Inhibitors of the Histone Acetyltransferase KAT6A. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 62(15):7146-7159.
  2. Miles L.A., Hermans S.J., Crespi G.A.N., Gooi J.H., Doughty L., Nero T.L., Markulić J., Ebneth A., Wroblowski B., Oehlrich D., Trabanco A.A., Rives M.L., Royaux I., Hancock N.C., Parker M.W. (2019) Small Molecule Binding to Alzheimer Risk Factor CD33 Promotes Aβ Phagocytosis. iScience 19:110-118.
  3. Baell J.B., Leaver D.J., Hermans S.J., Kelly G.L., Brennan M.S., Downer N.L., Nguyen N., Wichmann J., McRae H.M., Yang Y., Cleary B., Lagiakos H.R., Mieruszynski S., Pacini G., Vanyai H.K., Bergamasco M.I., May R.E., Davey B.K., Morgan K.J., Sealey A.J., Wang B., Zamudio N., Wilcox S., Garnham A.L., Sheikh B.N., Aubrey B.J., Doggett K., Chung M.C., de Silva M., Bentley J., Pilling P., Hattarki M., Dolezal O., Dennis M.L., Falk H., Ren B., Charman S.A., White K.L., Rautela J., Newbold A., Hawkins E.D., Johnstone R.W., Huntington N.D., Peat T.S., Heath J.K., Strasser A., Parker M.W., Smyth G.K., Street I.P., Monahan B.J., Voss A.K., Thomas T. (2018) Inhibitors of histone acetyltransferases KAT6A/B induce senescence and arrest tumour growth. Nature 560(7717):253-257.
  4. Crespi G.A., Hermans S.J., Parker M.W., Miles L.A. (2015) Molecular basis for mid-region amyloid-β capture by leading Alzheimer’s disease immunotherapies. Scientific Reports 5:9649.
  5. Hermans S.J., Ascher D.B., Hancock N.C., Holien J.K., Michell B.J., Chai S.Y., Morton C.J., Parker M.W. (2014) Crystal structure of human insulin-regulated aminopeptidase with specificity for cyclic peptides. Protein Science 24(2):190-199.
  6. Hermans S.J., Baker H.M., Sequeira R.P., Langley R.J., Baker E.N., Fraser J.D. (2012) Structural and functional properties of staphylococcal superantigen-like protein 4. Infection and Immunity 80:4004-4013.
  7. Laursen N.S., Gordon N., Hermans S.J., Lorenz N., Jackson N., Wines B., Spillner E., Christensen J.B., Jensen M., Fredslund F., Bjerre M., Sottrup-Jensen L., Fraser J.D., Andersen G.R. (2010) Structural basis for inhibition of complement C5 by the SSL7 protein from Staphylococcus aureus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 107:3681-3686.