Dr Tara Karnezis

Research Unit

Lymphatic, adipose & regenerative medicine


Co-Head, Lymphatic, Adipose & Regenerative Medicine Group, O’Brien Institute Department, SVI

Professional Experience

1996         BSc (Hons), La Trobe University
1997-01    Demonstrator, Dep of Biochemistry, La Trobe University
2002         PhD, Depts of Biochemistry and Genetics, La Trobe University
2003-04   Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dept of Neurology and Neurological
                  Sciences, Stanford
2005-10    Research Fellow, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
2010-15    Senior Research Fellow, Angiogenesis Program, Peter MacCallum
                 Cancer Centre
2016         Group Leader, Lymphatic and Regenerative Surgery, OBI Dept, SVI


1993     Deans Commendation
1994     La Trobe University Prize, Top 2nd Year Student in Microbiolgy
1994     Australian Society for Microbiology Prize
1995     Australian Society for Microbiology Prize
1995     Unitika Biochemistry Prize
1996     Peter MacCallum Summer Studentship
1997     PhD Industry Scholarship
2000    ASBMB Travel Fellowship
2003    Stanford University Post-doctoral Fellowship
2010    CASS Foundation Travel Fellowship
2013    Finalist, Peter MacCallum Translate Prize

Research Interests

Lymphatic Biology; Genetics of Lymphatic Disease: Lymphoedema and Lipoedema; Radiation Injury following Cancer

Selected Publications

  1. Karnezis T, McIntosh M, Wardak AZ, Stanisich VA and Stone BA (2000). The biosynthesis of beta-glycans. Trends in Glycoscience and Glycobiology 9: 31-41.\
  2. Karnezis T, Fisher HC, Lithgow T, Stanisich VA and Stone BA (2002).  A deficiency in phosphatidylserine synthase affects the production of high molecular weight (1-3)-beta-glucan [curdlan] by Agrobacterium sp. ATCC31749. Journal of Bacteriology 184: 4114-23.
  3. Karnezis T, Epa V, Stanisich VA and Stone BA (2003). Topological and mutational analysis of the (1-3)-b-glucan synthase from an Agrobacterium sp. Glycobiology 13: 693-706.
  4. Karnezis T, Mandemaker W, McQualter JL, Binhai Z, Ho PP, Jordan KA, Murray BM, Barres B, Tessier-Lavigne M and Bernard CCA (2004). The neurite outgrowth inhibitor NogoA is involved in autoimmune-mediated demyelination. Nature Neuroscience 7: 736-744.
  5. Azari, M.F, Karnezis, T, Bernard, CCA, Profyris, C, LeGrande, M.R, Zang, DW, Cheema, SS. and Petratos, S. (2005). Incomplete Freund’s adjuvant enhances locomotor performance following spinal cord injury. European Journal of Neurology 12: 1004-1008
  6. Azari MF, Profyris C, Karnezis T, Bernard CC, Small DH, Cheema S-S, Hatzinisiriou, I, and Petratos, S (2006). Leukaemia inhibitory factor arrests oligodendrocyte death and demyelination in spinal cord injury. Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology 65(9):914-29.
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  12. Heraud P, Caine S, Campanale N, Karnezis T, McNaughton D, Wood BR, Tobin MJ, Bernard CC (2010) Early detection of the chemical changes occurring during the induction and prevention of autoimmune-mediated demyelination detected by FT-IR imaging. Neuroimage 49(2):1180-9.
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Book Chapters:

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Shayan R, Reynolds H, Le Roux CM and Karnezis T (2015).   Sentinal node biopsy: an evolution of the science and surgical principles. pp. 89-102.  Imaging for plastic surgery. CRC press.
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