Dr Gaurang Jhala

Research Unit

Islet biology


Post-Doctoral Research Officer

Professional Experience

2017 -             Research Officer, St Vincents Institute, Melbourne, Australia
2011 - 2016    PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia
2005 - 2011    Research Assistant, Islet Biology Laboratory, St Vincents Institute,
                       Melbourne, Australia
2003 - 2005   Research Scientist, Angiogenesis and Vascular Biology Laboratory,
                       Katholieke University of Leuven, Belgium
1999 - 2003   Associate Scientist, Mermaid Pharmaceuticals, Hamburg, Germany
1997 - 1999    Research Assistant, Molecular Genetics Laboratory,
                       University of Kiel, Germany
1995 - 1996    Research Assistant, Molecular Biophysics Unit,
                       Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
1995               M.Sc. University of Pune, India


2015        Directors Award for Best PhD Final Presentation, St Vincent’s Institute,
                Melbourne, Australia
2013        Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Australia)
                PhD Top-up Scholarship
2013        Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (Australia),
                Travel Award
2012        Australasian Society of Immunology,
                Travel Bursary
2010        NHMRC Postgraduate Scholarship (Biomedical)

Research Interests

Type 1 diabetes and autoimmune diseases
Immune tolerance and antigen-specific immunotherapies

Selected Publications

  1. Londrigan SL, Brady, JL, Sutherland RM, Hawthorne,WJ, Thomas HE, Jhala G, Cowan PJ, Kay TW, O’Connell PJ, Lew AM. Evaluation of promoters for driving efficient transgene expression in neonatal porcine islets. Xenotransplantation Mar; 14(2): 119-25 (2007).
  2. Campbell PD, Estella E, Dudek NL, Jhala G, Thomas HE, Kay, TW, Mannering SI Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-mediated killing of human pancreatic islet cells in vitro. Hum. Immunol. Sep 69(9): 543-51 (2008)
  3. Krishnamurthy B, Chee J, Jhala G, Fynch S, Graham KL, Santamaria P, Morahan G, Allison J, Izon, D, Thomas HE, Kay TW Complete diabetes protection despite delayed thymic tolerance in NOD8.3 TCR transgenic mice due to antigen-induced extrathymic deletion of T cells. Diabetes 61 (2): 425-35 (2012)
  4. O’Connell PJ, Holmes-Walker JD, Goodman D, Hawthorne WJ, Loudovaris T, Gunton JE, Thomas HE, Grey ST, Drogemuller CJ, Ward GM, Torpy DJ, Coates PT, Kay TW, On behalf of the Australian Islet Transplant Consortium Multicenter Australian Trial of Islet Transplantation: Improving Accessibility and Outcomes Am. J. Transplant. 13:1850-8 (2013)
  5. Chee J*, Ko H-J*, Skowera A, Jhala G, Catterall T, Graham KL, Sutherland RM, Thomas HE, Lew AM, Peakman M,  Kay TWH, Krishnamurthy B Effector memory T cells develop in islets and report islet pathology in type 1 diabetes. J. Immunol 192:572-80 (2014)
  6. Krishnamurthy B, Chee J, Jhala G, Trivedi P, Catterall T, Selck C, Gurzov EN, Brodnicki TC, Graham KL, Wali JA, Zhan Y, Gray D, Strasser A, Allison J, Thomas HE, Kay TW Bim deficiency protects NOD mice from diabetes by diverting thymocytes to regulatory T cells. Diabetes 64:3229-38 (2015)
  7. Jhala G, Chee J, Trivedi PM, Selck C, Gurzov EN, Graham KL, Thomas HE, Kay TWH, Krishnamurthy B Perinatal tolerance to proinsulin is sufficient to prevent autoimmune diabetes. JCI Insight, Jul 7;1(10):e86065 (2016)
  8. Krishnamurthy B, Selck C, Chee J, Jhala G, Kay TW Analysis of antigen-specific T cells in diabetes-Lessons from preclinical studies and early clinical trials. J. Autoimmunity. Jul;71: 35-43 (2016)
  9. Mollah ZU, Quah HS, Graham KL, Jhala G, Krishnamurthy B, Francisca M Dharma J, Chee J, Trivedi PM, Pappas EG, Mackin L, Chu EP, Akazawa S, Fynch S, Hodson C, Deans AJ, Trapani JA, Chong MM, Bird PI, Brodnicki TC, Thomas HE, Kay TW  Diabetes Dec;66(12):3041-3050 (2017) Granzyme A-deficiency breaks immune tolerance and promotes immune tolerance through a Type1 interferon dependent pathway
  10. Irvin AE*, Jhala G*, Zhao Y, Blackwell TS, Krishnamurthy B, Thomas HE, Kay TWH. Sci Rep. Mar 9;8(1):4217 (2018) NFkb is weakly activated in the NOD mouse model of Type 1 diabetes
  11. Sutherland APR, Graham KL, Papadimitriou M, Jhala G, Trivedi P, Catterall T, Fynch S, Kay TWH, Thomas HE. Sci Rep. 2019 Oct 25;9(1):15302. IL-21 regulates SOCS1 expression in autoreactive CD8+ T cells but is not required for acquisition of CTL activity in the islets of non-obese diabetic mice.