Dr Kevin Ngoei

Research Unit

Protein chemistry & metabolism


Senior Research Officer

Professional Experience

2008         BSc (Hons), Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne
2014         PhD, Dept of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne
2014-18    Research Officer, Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit, SVI
2018-        Senior Research Officer, Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit, SVI


2010    Melbourne International Research Scholarship
2012    Melbourne Research Scholarship
2013    ASBMB Fellowship
2016    SVI Foundation Travel Fellow
2016    SVI Director’s Award – Most Outstanding Publication by a Postdoc
2017    Harold Mitchell Foundation Fellow
2019    CASS Foundation Travel Award
2019    SVI Rising Star Award – Early Career Category

Research Interests

Protein kinase structure and function, signal transduction in modulating energy metabolism, AMPK signaling regulation in aging, development of small molecule regulators of AMPK, understanding AMPK regulation by myokines, defining AMPK signaling in neuroprotection

Selected Publications

  1. Ngoei KR, Langendorf CG, Ling NXY, Hoque A, Johnson S, Camerino MC, Walker SR, Bozikis YE, Dite TA, Ovens AJ, Smiles WJ, Jacobs R, Huang H, Parker MW, Scott JW, Rider MH, Foitzik RC, Kemp BE, Baell JB, Oakhill JS. (2018) “Structural Determinants for Small-Molecule Activation of Skeletal Muscle AMPK α2β2γ1 by the Glucose Importagog SC4” Cell Chem Biol 25(6):728-737.
  2. Dite TA, Langendorf CG, Hoque A, Galic S, Rebello RJ, Ovens AJ, Lindqvist LM, Ngoei KR, Ling NX, Furic L, Kemp BE, Scott JW, Oakhill JS. (2018)  “AMP-activated protein kinase selectively inhibited by the type II inhibitor SBI-0206965” J. Biol. Chem. 293(23):8874-8885.
  3. Loesch DZ, Trost N, Bui MQ, Hammersley E, Lay ST, Annesley SJ, Sanislav O, Allan CY, Tassone F, Chen ZP, Ngoei KR, Kemp BE, Francis D, Fisher PR, Storey E. (2018) “The Spectrum of Neurological and White Matter Changes and Premutation Status Categories of Older Male Carriers of the FMR1 Alleles Are Linked to Genetic (CGG and FMR1 mRNA) and Cellular Stress (AMPK) Markers” Front Genet. 9:531.
  4. Dite TA, Ling NXY, Scott JW, Hoque A, Galic S, Parker BL, Ngoei KR, Langendorf CG, O’Brien MT, Kundu M, Viollet B, Steinberg GR, Sakamoto K, Kemp BE, Oakhill JS. (2017) “The autophagy initiator ULK1 sensitizes AMPK to allosteric drugs” Nat Commun. in press.
  5. Langendorf CG*, Ngoei KR*, Scott JW, Ling NXY, Issa SMA, Gorman MA, Parker MW, Sakamoto K, Oakhill JS, Kemp BE. (2016) Structural basis of furan-2- phosphonic derivative (C2) binding and isoform selectivity in allosteric and synergistic activation of AMPK. Nat Commun.7:10912.
  6. Annesley SJ, Lay ST, De Piazza SW, Sanislav O, Hammersley E, Allan CY, Francione LM, Bui MQ, Chen ZP, Ngoei KR, Tassone F, Kemp BE, Storey E, Evans A, Loesch DZ, Fisher PR. (2016) “Immortalized Parkinson's disease lymphocytes have enhanced mitochondrial respiratory activity” Dis Model Mech. 9(11):1295-1305.
  7. Misheva M, Kaur G, Ngoei KR, Yeap YY, Ng IH, Wagstaff KM, Ng DC, Jans DA, Bogoyevitch MA. (2014) “Intracellular mobility and nuclear trafficking of the stress-activated kinase JNK1 are impeded by hyperosmotic stress” Biochim Biophys Acta. 1843(2): 253-264.
  8. Ngoei KR, Catimel B, Milech N, Watt PM & Bogoyevitch MA. (2013) “A novel retro-inverso peptide is a preferential JNK substrate-competitive inhibitor” Int J Biochem Cell Biol. 45(8): 1939-1950.
  9. Ngoei KR, Ng DC, Gooley PR, Fairlie DP, Stoermer MJ & Bogoyevitch MA. (2013) “Identification and characterization of bi-thiazole-2,2’-diamines as kinase inhibitory scaffolds” Biochim Biophys Acta.  1834(6): 1077-1088.
  10. Bogoyevitch MA, Yeap YY, Qu Z, Ngoei KR, Yip YY, Zhao TT, Heng JI & Ng DC. (2012) “WD40-repeat protein 62 is a JNK-phosphorylated spindle pole protein required for spindle maintenance and timely mitotic progression” J. Cell Sci.  125(Pt.21): 5096-5109.
  11. Ngoei KR, Catimel B, Church N, Lio DS, Dogovski C, Perugini MA, Watt PM, Cheng HC, Ng DC & Bogoyevitch MA. (2011) “Characterization of a novel JNK (c-Jun N-terminal kinase) inhibitory peptide” Biochem. J.  434, 399-413.
  12. Ng DC, Zhao TT, Yeap YY, Ngoei KR & Bogoyevitch MA. (2010) “c-Jun N- terminal kinase phosphorylation of stathmin confers protection against cellular stress” J. Biol. Chem. 285, 29001-13.
  13. Bogoyevitch MA, Ngoei KR, Zhao TT, Yeap YY, Ng DC. (2010) “c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) signaling: recent advances and challenges” Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1804, 463-75.