Anion exchange paper (DE81)

Researchers at SVI have developed a DEAE-based anion-exchange filter replacement for GE Healthcare’s DE81. This product is available to the wider research community at an affordable price.

SVI DEAE paper is not an exact replica of trademarked DE81 paper – its synthesis uses a different chemistry. However, it performs as well as DE81 across a range of applications.


If you are interested in the product, a free sample sheet can be provided to new customers before purchase to test in your own laboratory.

Fill in the form to be sent a free sample, for an enquiry or to make an order.  Please include a Fedex account number to cover shipping.


US$18 per A5 sheet (or equivalent) + US$100 Fedex shipping if needed. Once the order is received, we will provide an invoice with details for bank transfer. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment by credit card.