Cell sorters

The SVI Flow Cytometry Facility operates a BD FACS ARIA-I and a BD Influx in a PC2 laboratory setting. Sorters are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (outside these hours may be available upon request) and will be operated by a member of staff.

The current configuration of each Cell Sorter can be found in the table below, however there are alternative filters available to optimise specific experimental protocols. Please contact Facility staff for assistance in filter arrangements to optimise your experiment.

Laser Lines (nm) 405, 488, 633 405, 488, 561, 640
Detection Channels Detailed Table Here Detailed Table Here
Nozzle Size (µm) 70, 100 70, 86, 100, 140
Sample Tube 5ml FACS Tube 5ml POLYPROPOLEYNE FACS Tube
Collection Vessel

4 x 5ml FACS Tube

2 x 15ml Falcon Tube

4 x 1.5ml Eppi Tube

6, 12, 48, 96 Well plate

6 x 5ml FACS Tube

2 x 15ml Falcon Tube

2 x 50ml falcon Tube

2 x 5ml + 1 x 50ml FACS tube

4 x 1.5ml Eppi Tube

6, 12, 48, 96, 386 Well plate

Sample Concentration Maximum 1 x 107 cells / ml (200µl minimum volume)