Bookings and fees

Bookings for the Facility may be made with the Operations Manager, Kathleen McCormick at [email protected] or 0423 244 267. After appropriate training, those Client Personnel that have signed the Visitor Acknowledgement may access the Facility during business hours, or otherwise as agreed with the Operations Manager.

The Facility Fee is $1,200 per day. Facility training is $500 for up to 4 people. A product clearance clean will be performed before another Client uses the Facility.  This will be charged at a rate $45 per hour.  Time to clean will vary according to the complexity of procedures.  Consulting and advisory services from the Facility Manager or other SVI Personnel will be charged at $85 per hour.  The Fees stated are exclusive of GST.

Client Personnel must acknowledge the following statement in publications arising from use of the Facility:  “Cell processing was performed in the Susan Alberti Islet Isolation Facility. This Facility was established using funds from Therapeutic Innovation Australia as an initiative of the Australian Government as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy”.