Before you use the microCT, you will need to go through ~3 hours of basic training with Narelle McGregor (cost for training is $300 per session, and this cost may be shared by up to 3 people) plus 1 hour supervision during your first booking ($100).  You will also need induction into the SVHM BioResources Facility (~ 1-2 hours) to have access to the machine.

To organise microCT training, please contact Narelle McGregor on 9231 3502 or [email protected]

Before your training session, you will need to complete a “Declaration of Use of Local Computing Facilities/External Users of Core Equipment” form.  This completed form should be sent or emailed to Narelle McGregor at [email protected].

To organise your induction into the BioResources Facility, please contact Helen Barlow (BRC Facility Manager) on 9231 2645 or [email protected]   Please note that a 48-hour quarantine period is required prior to entry to the BRC Facility.