Before you use the microCT, you will need to go through ~3 hours of basic training with Emma McGowan (see here for charges). You will also need induction into our BioResources Facility (~ 1-2 hours) to have access to the machine.

To organise microCT training, please contact Emma McGowan on 9231 3502 or [email protected]

Before your training session, you will need to complete a “Declaration of Use of Local Computing Facilities/External Users of Core Equipment” form.  This completed form should be sent or emailed to Emma McGowan at SVI.

To organise your induction into the BioResources Facility, please contact Helen Barlow (BRC Facility Manager) on 9231 2645 or [email protected]   A 48-hour quarantine period is required prior to entry to the BRC Facility.