“I have visited SVI and met with the dedicated scientists who are working tirelessly to find the answers to our questions we as a society want to know. I see my bequest as an investment, knowing that my support will be used for the benefit of the whole community.

Remembering SVI in your Will is a simple and powerful way to make a positive difference for the health of our children. My wife, Pauline, died of Alzheimer’s disease so by visiting the institute I was able to find out what we know about the disease and the promise that research holds. I feel very humble and grateful to be able to be a part of assisting the scientists at SVI to continue their research.”

- Arthur Stokes

“My late husband, Rex and I decided to support medical research. We did a lot of our own thorough research and were very impressed with St Vincent’s Institute and the calibre of their people and work. We wanted to support the future of medical research for the benefit of the next generation, and you can do the same.”

- Pamela McCorkell