Join us

As a highly successful and internationally recognised research organisation, St Vincent's Institute supports an exceptional body of prominent research professionals and highly talented students.

You are welcome to visit the Institute to see how our researchers are working to improve the health of Australians, to explore job possibilities at SVI, or attend a seminar to hear about our current research.

If a cure is going to be found for type 1 diabetes, or other common diseases, I believe it will come from the type of research SVI is doing. I like knowing that with my contributions to SVI I am contributing to possible future cures — and that SVI will be around long after me.” − Kallie Blauhorn, Director, Monash Gallery of Art; SVI Foundation Board member

To organise a tour, contact Kate Barnett, Chief Executive of the SVI Foundation, at [email protected] or (03) 9231 3265.