SVI pursues bold, high-impact projects focused on common diseases. Together, we will conquer these illnesses and ensure better, longer lives for ourselves and our loved ones. Below are the areas where we are currently seeking philanthropic partners. For more information on any of these funding priorities please contact Kate Barnett, Chief Executive of the SVI Foundation, at [email protected].

RISING STARS SVI’s greatest asset is its extraordinary community of researchers, across a range of career stages, who conceive projects, write grants to fund the work, and then pursue the application of that knowledge to improve health and longevity.
SVI invests in its scientists in many ways, including research grants, start-up packages, bridging funding, fellowships, and travel grants. Initial funding from SVI has led to important breakthroughs and helped establish the careers of talented young scientists. SVI is deeply committed to helping our rising stars to make the discoveries that have the greatest potential to have an impact on healthier, longer lives.
SVI DISCOVERY FUND The Discovery Fund is a permanently endowed and rapidly growing fund that will provide crucial research funding at SVI in perpetuity. Gifts to the SVI Discovery Fund will help ensure that our researchers have access to funding for generations to come. Your investment in the Discovery Fund will help to develop new research initiatives, recruit and retain the best researchers, bridge the gaps in grant funding cycles, and purchase state-of-the art equipment.
SVI STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS Honours and PhD students who undertake their research at SVI go on to become biomedical leaders in Melbourne and beyond. Scholarship support for these bright young minds assists in covering living expenses whist studying and allows students to focus on their education and research.
REGULAR GIVING It might not seem like much, but giving as little as $0.95 a day for 12 months can do more for our medical research than you might think. Your recurring monthly donation powers our scientists’ work to improve health and longevity for you and your loved ones.
Roslyn Smorgon Memorial Fund Cancer is a complex and varied disease, which is why, at SVI, we approach it from different angles.
Roslyn Smorgon AM worked tirelessly for many causes and we were fortunate that one of the recipients of her boundless enthusiasm was the medical research at St Vincent’s Institute. For five long years Roslyn fought her cancer, drawing on all her famous determination and focus. Her fierce will and long-time support of medical research continues to be honoured by the perpetual Roslyn Smorgon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research at SVI.
GEORGE CARSON MEMORIAL FUND FOR HEART RESEARCH George Carson, a dear friend and benefactor of the Institute, died in 2004 after a long illness. The scientists and staff at the Institute appreciated his involvement, the great interest he showed in the research, and his warmth and generosity. The endowed memorial fund established in George Carson’s name generates a perpetual stream of income for heart research at SVI.
SCIENTIFIC TECHNOLOGY & LABORATORY EQUIPMENT Leading-edge technology has a been a feature of SVI since the early days, when inaugural director, Pehr Edman, designed and produced a machine that automated protein sequencing and became widely used in laboratories across the world. New scientific tools and laboratory equipment are vital to enable our dedicated, curious and skilled group of scientists to conduct high-quality research.
SUSAN ALBERTI WOMEN IN RESEARCH AWARD Both motherhood and medical research are challenging: combining them requires great talent and determination. The Susan Alberti Women in Research Award supports the work of an outstanding female scientist at SVI while she is on maternity leave. The award is used to fund a research assistant to continue experiments while the recipient is away from the laboratory. The award is named in recognition of the support of Susan Alberti AC, inaugural Chair of the SVI Foundation board (2004 – 2017) and Patron of the SVI Foundation (2017 – present).