Discovery Fund

The SVI $10,000 Discovery Fund was established 10 years ago by SVI Foundation Board member Christine Tarascio. “The first few members to join the Fund were close friends and business colleagues who committed $10,000 per year for 5 years, and from there it has now grown to over 30 members, four of whom are onto their second term of investment. I’m really proud of these people, who are helping SVI by enabling us to reach our goal of a $5 million investment fund.”

The biggest challenge for Christine is that there are so many other worthy causes to support and other Institutes that are also working to make a difference. So how does she make SVI stand out from the crowd? “I invite those interested to tour the labs at SVI so they can meet the dedicated researchers and see the work that can be achieved with their investment. I also organise small dinners to promote the Institute so prospective members can learn and understand more about SVI’s research.”

Ultimately, Christine sees the Fund as a commitment to our community, and an investment for future generations. “Some of those that are interested in contributing to our Fund have family members who have been affected by disease, so they feel that SVI’s dedicated researchers deserve their support. We are helping them, and they are helping us; it’s a win-win situation.”

Christine holds the Fund’s annual lunch at her home. “Most of the members attend, and they invite other friends or associates to potentially become involved with the Fund. We have become a close-knit group: to me it feels like a big family reunion.”

If you would like more information about the Fund, contact Christine via the SVI Foundation on (03) 9231 2480.