SVI support group

In 2014, the SVI Support Group celebrated 25 years since their inauguration at their annual Black Tie Dinner on Thursday the 16th of October at The Athenaeum Club. Their stellar fundraising effort on the night brings the total raised by the Group to close to $350,000.

On the night Chair of the Group, Claire O'Callaghan, thanked former SVI Director Professor Jack Martin, who originally suggested that they direct their fundraising towards Student Scholarships.

SVI PhD student, Alvin Ng, spoke on the night, noting the difference that the SVI Student Scholarships make to students at the Institute.

"Although most PhD students receive a scholarship from the Australian government or the University, the living allowance is ¾ of the minimum wage. Also, as a PhD student, most of our time is devoted to working on our projects. This means that, even if we need to get paid work, we would be eating into precious time that could be spent on our research.

This is why the SVI Foundation Top Up Scholarships are a lifesaver. With an additional $5000 per year, I do not have to worry about the keeping a roof over my head or putting food on the table. Most importantly, I can focus my time on my research projects, which means getting closer to the answers that our research aims to resolve."

The night also presented an opportunity for SVI to thank the Group, and in particular note the effort of seven members who have been members since the first event at the Regent Hotel in August, 1989.

SVI would like to acknowledge all those who have donated to scholarships at the Institute, and especially thank the SVI Support Group for a quarter of a century of support.


SVI Support Group members:

Mrs Margaret Batrouney

Mrs Colleen Bolton

Mrs Maureen Breheny

Mrs Cathy Clancy

Ms Bernadette Dennis

Mrs Cathy Gilbert

Mrs Angela Griss

Mrs Barbara Handley

Mrs Carole Hart

Mrs Jo Lonergan

Mrs Gail McHale

Mrs Claire O’Callaghan

Mrs Geraldine Peck

Mrs Margaret Reeves

Mrs Dawn Hill-Regan

Mrs Judy Ryan

Mrs Christina Westmore-Peyton

Mrs Therese Whiting

Mrs Thecla Xipell