Workplace giving

In 2002 changes made to the Taxation law relating to charities have made it even easier for you to make a regular donation direct from your pay.

Workplace Giving enables employees to make regular charitable donations from their pre-tax, resulting in an automatic tax reduction.

You do not have to worry about keeping your receipts and you don't have to wait until the end of the financial year to obtain a tax benefit - your employer deducts your donation amount from your salary before deducting your tax so the benefit to you is immediate.

So a $20.00 pre-tax donation costs an employee only $13.50 after the automatic tax deduction, but SVI receives the full $20.00 (assuming the employee is on the marginal tax rate of 32.5%).

It is a great way to encourage a group of work colleagues, your staff, and indeed the whole of your business to support SVI.

How is it implemented?

Employer selects a peer champion who is trained to communicate the benefits of the program and information about SVI to their colleagues.
Employees are asked to commit to making small, regular donations by way of payroll deduction.
Employees get an immediate and guaranteed reduction in tax.
Employers may choose to provide a degree of matching donation.
Payroll officer collates all of the employees donations each month and sends a cheque with the total amount or transfers the money to the SVI account direct.
Peer champion provides ongoing communication about the program to staff via internal promotions, staff meetings, newsletters, intranet posting etc.
Employees receive regular feedback about the impact of their support from SVI.

Benefits to employees

For employees, workplace giving enables affordable giving, through a transparent and trustworthy program. Employees are able to make donations in an efficient and tax-effective manner, eliminating the need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund.

Benefits to employers

For employers, workplace giving contributes to an overall feeling of corporate social responsibility. This in turn enhances staff loyalty and morale and the public perception that this company is a good place to work. Workplace Giving also provides the company with engagement in supporting community initiatives.

Benefits to SVI

Workplace Giving will assist by providing long term stable funding for St Vincent's Institute and its vital medical research.
SVI research is focused on exploring both disease cause and prevention, with a commitment to discovering practical and far-reaching solutions to diseases that impact on the everyday life of people around the world.

Employers and employees can check the DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status of organisations entitled to receive tax deductible donations on the Australian Business Register (ABR) at or by phoning 1300 130 248.
(SVI, ABN 52 004 705 640, has a current DGR status)

For more detailed information please visit

The Australian Charities Fund (ACF) -  (SVI is registered with ACF)
Australian Taxation Office
or phone 13 28 66 'How to Set-up a Workplace Giving Program'
or phone SVI on 03 9231 2480