Why give to SVI?

Several points of strength distinguish SVI as a leader in medical research

Breadth + depth

SVI has a singular mission, but not a singular disease focus. We’re highly specialised, but with a broad remit: the cause, prevention and treatment of the most common diseases in Australia.

Bench to bedside

SVI conducts fundamental biomedical research of the highest quality, proudly, unapologetically; it’s the fuel that drives our mission. But our charge is twofold: to discover new knowledge and translate it to innovative therapeutics and diagnostics.


SVI operates within one of the world’s most dynamic biomedical hubs. We partner with St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, the University of Melbourne, the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery and other national and international research institutes to maximise our impact.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We’re not afraid of new challenges, or risk of failure. Like a start-up enterprise, we’re okay that not every experiment or study will bear fruit. Our researchers know that hard-earned breakthroughs require new ways of looking at old problems.

SVI 'Rising Star' Astrid Glaser, a postdoctoral researcher from our Genome Stability Unit, talks about the importance of philanthropic support for her work on CRISPR Cas-9 technology and Fanconi Anaemia.