Why we need your help

For every dollar SVI receives from peer-reviewed research grants, we need another 65 cents to make the research happen. We rely on our supporters to help us bridge this funding gap.

Like other medical research institutes, SVI receives a high percentage of its funding through competitive research grants, mainly though the Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).  In 2011, 54.3% of our applications were successful, compared to the national rate of 24.8% and even though this gave us the second highest success rate nationally, the funding provided did not cover the full cost of research. The remaining 40% of SVI funding comes largely through State government infrastructure support, commercialisation contracts and philanthropy.

In these difficult financial times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain Government support so we are needing to generate a strong philanthropic support base from individuals, Foundations and corporations.  This in turn will enable us to become more self-sustaining in the financing of our research imperatives and help us to purchase new equipment.  Philanthropy is essential if we are to bridge funding gaps in these areas.

You now have an opportunity to become a supporter of the work being undertaken at SVI.  We invite you to contribute to our ground-breaking research and proudly say, “My help made this possible”.  An investment in SVI is an investment in the future well-being of all Australians. Your support will help launch crucial projects and keep existing projects going. It will also help junior researchers become experienced ones, and experienced researchers become pioneering ones. Your support of medical research may also make a difference to health of your family.