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At SVI, our scientists seek new knowledge to improve health outcomes, reducing the burden of ill-health on individuals and their loved ones.

Our world-class research attracts high-calibre researchers and students – all driven to improve the health of millions through their commitment to making the next breakthrough.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate training builds skills and provides exposure to cutting-edge research techniques, in areas including gene expression analysis, immunological assays, x-ray crystallography, mass spectrometry, electron microscopy, CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing, cell culture, proteomics, genomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics.

Our diverse range of learning and collaborative research environments expose students to a broad range of potential career opportunities, across fields as diverse as cell biology, protein structural biology, immunology, biochemistry, cell signalling and regenerative medicine, as well as clinical and bioinformatics research.

If you are inspired by discovery and driven by purpose, consider joining us.

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Thank you from the Jade Lantern

28 November 2023

Thank you from the Jade Lantern

Research from six of SVI’s brightest scientists will be supported in 2024 thanks to the generosity of supporters who attended SVI’s recent For the Love of Science event at the Fitzroy Town Hall.

SVI joins in search for new treatments for a deadly disease

22 November 2023

SVI joins in search for new treatments for a deadly disease

Associate Professor Jon Oakhill has been awarded NHMRC funding as part of a collaboration with James Cook University and other national and international institutions to advance the management of a deadly disorder causing weakening of the main abdominal artery.

The heart of it

23 October 2023

The heart of it

Congratulations to Associate Professor Jon Oakhill who has been awarded a Heart foundation Vanguard grant to test a potential new drug treatment for a common underlying cause of cardiovascular disease.

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Our research

We are inspired by discovery and driven by purpose. We seek new knowledge to improve health outcomes, reducing the burden...


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