We seek new knowledge to improve health outcomes, reducing the burden of ill-health on individuals and their loved ones.

We are dedicated, committing all our skills and energy to the pursuit of research excellence.

We bring the best minds to solve critical health challenges, and we provide them with the tools that allow them to push the boundaries of medical research.

We build relationships – with clinicians, philanthropists, fellow researchers, industry and the community – to meet the need, head-on.

We will stay the course because we believe that for every question there is an answer.

We just need to find it.


Purposeful collaboration

SVI operates proudly within one of the world’s most dynamic biomedical hubs.

The Institute is affiliated with the University of Melbourne and is located on the campus of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne.

As a member of the St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) family, we give expression to the commitment of SVHA to excellence in research, education and the development of health and wellbeing of the community.

We collaborate with national and international research organisations to maximise our impact. We are especially proud to be a partner in the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery (ACMD), Australia’s first collaborative hospital-based biomedical engineering research centre – turning scientific knowledge into practical impact.