Cutting-edge research requires cutting-edge equipment. New technology gives SVI’s scientists the advantage they need to push boundaries and redefine what is possible.

Beyond discovery, we need to translate research advances into applications and commercial products – making hope a reality.

Discovery Fund: Creating research excellence

Support SVI’s research into perpetuity by becoming a Discovery Fund member. This long-term endowment fund enables a reliable cashflow through income generated from its capital.

Rising Stars: Supporting young scientists

Support the research projects of our brightest postdoctoral researchers through a Rising Star Award or a Rising Star Fellowship.

Top-up Scholarships for PhD students

Additional financial support awarded to high-achieving PhD students.

Catalyst Circle: Acquiring cutting-edge equipment

Help fund the purchase of powerful equipment and technologies. Donations have immediate impact for SVI scientists across all disciplines: funds are used in the same year to provide state-of-the-art equipment needed for research to flourish.

Impact projects: Changing how medicine is practised

These ambitious initiatives seek to change how medicine is practised – bringing the skills of our scientists in discovering new mechanisms of disease together with clinical collaboration to put this new knowledge to work.

Women in Science Help (WISH): Supporting high-achieving women

SVI is committed to capitalising on all of our nation’s available talent. Help support our female researchers be removing the barriers to full participation in a science career.

Disease-specific support: Changing health outcomes

Our Foundation team are keen to hear about your personal and family disease interests and to work with you to ensure your support can accelerate discovery and its application into healthcare.