Top-up Scholarships are a vital part of SVI’s student support and recruitment effort. They relieve financial pressure, enabling students to spend more time developing their research skills and doing experiments instead of taking a second job outside the Institute. They are a point of pride for recipients, helping us recruit high-quality students to SVI.

With a gift of $17,500 over 3 years, you will ensure SVI can provide financial support to Australia’s top PhD students.

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Thank you from our PhD Top Up Scholarship Alumni

Diversity in the DNA

Bioinformatician and PhD student Neke Ibeh’s PhD project focuses on the huge genetic diversity within the world’s fourth largest population: Indonesia.

Neke’s deep computer analysis of genomic data from Indonesian blood samples is helping to identify markers for disease risk, as well as normal healthy variation in genetics among the Indonesian population.

“We are on the cusp of massive advances, particularly in being able to personalise medicine based on factors like individual genetics. But for everyone to benefit, we need to have equal knowledge and references for people of all ethnicities and backgrounds,” says Neke.

“I feel so fortunate to benefit from the scholarship support.”