Regenerative medicine has the potential to restore form and function to people affected by disease, trauma and cancer treatment.

Laboratories in SVI’s regenerative medicine theme are part of the Institute’s O’Brien Department. Driving their research is a proud tradition of keen clinical observation, patient-driven translational research and a close working relationship with the clinical plastic surgery unit at St Vincent’s Hospital.

  • Cardiac Regeneration
  • Lymphatic, Adipose & Regenerative Medicine
  • Vascular Biology

Cardiac Regeneration

As part of the Institute's O'Brien Department we use human stem cells to engineer beating heart tissue on a lab dish to develop effective and translatable treatments for heart disease.

Lab head: Associate Professor Shiang (Max) Lim

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Lymphatic, Adipose & Regenerative Medicine

As part of the Institute's O'Brien Department, we investigate and seek new treatments for Radiation Injury Bystander Effect (RIBE) in cancer patients and for lipoedema, a condition often misdiagnosed as obesity.

Lab head: Associate Professor Ramin Shayan Lab co-head: Dr Tara Karnezis Professor Marc Achen

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Vascular Biology

As part of the Institute's O'Brien Department, our main research focus is generating human blood vessels for integration in various human tissues grown in the laboratory, including human skin and small pieces of human liver (liver organoids). We also study the structure and function of these lab-generated human tissues.

Lab head: Associate Professor Geraldine Mitchell Lab co-head: Dr Kiryu Yap

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