Our research focuses on liver organoids, which are small units of liver-like tissues grown in the laboratory using cells isolated from human liver tissue (donated by patients undergoing liver surgery), or from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC). Increasingly, we are developing more complex liver organoids that incorporate additional structural elements normally present in human liver, such as blood vessels and bile ducts.

Given our surgical expertise, we are particularly interested in developing new transplantation techniques to deliver liver organoids into the body. Ultimately, we are working towards a regenerative treatment where a patient’s own liver grown from their own stem cells can be transplanted as a cure for liver disease. This will eliminate the need for organ donors, which is a major limitation in current liver transplantation; there are not enough organ donors to meet the rising demand of an exponential increase in liver disease globally.

We leverage a wide network of multi-disciplinary collaborators within Australia and overseas, encompassing expertise in stem cell and liver biology, bio-engineering, surgery (hepato-pancreatico-biliary, transplant, reconstructive), clinical specialisations (hepatology, metabolic medicine), gene-editing/gene therapy, clinical biochemistry and genetics.

Key achievements

33 awards & scholarships to date – including NHMRC Clinical Scholarship & TERMIS Young Investigator Award

Investigator on research grants – totalling more than AU$5.2 million

Media coverage, including front-page newspaper article, national TV, and radio/podcast coverage (2017, 2021, 2022)

Board Director of LiverWELL a patient advocacy and health promotion organisation focusing on liver health and disease

Liver project listed as key performance highlight of St Vincent’s Health Australia (2017)

Selected publications

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