Posted 2 August 2023

Battling obesity could be all in the head
Dr Kim Loh

Dr Kim Loh has been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship to pursue work using innovative gene technologies to tackle metabolic disorders such as obesity.

The project, carried out as part of the growing partnership between Australian Catholic University and SVI, will examine how a protein in the brain controls appetite and energy metabolism.

“Obesity is directly connected to diseases like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” says Dr Loh.

“We suspect a novel protein in the brain is responsible for the disease development and by understanding the exact mechanisms of this, we can then aim to develop new, effective, and lasting weight management strategies to combat obesity.”

The research findings are expected to present new opportunities for economic growth in the Australian biotechnology industry, paving the way for the development of potential therapeutics for metabolic disorders.

Dr Loh is among a distinguished group of a hundred Future Fellows across Australia who will collectively receive over $97 million in grants.

The Future Fellowships scheme aims to support outstanding mid-career researchers in conducting high-quality research that contributes to both national and international benefit.