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Funding boost for metabolic research

News: 18th December 2020

Dr John Scott, Leader of the Neurometabolism Team in SVI’s Protein Chemistry & Metabolism Unit, has been awarded both an NHMRC Ideas Grant and an ARC Discovery Project for his work on the...

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Summer 2020 Newsletter

News: 10th December 2020

The theme of our last newsletter for 2020 is 'Research in action: Improving health outcomes for those in need', and it speaks directly to how our research can make a real impact on those...

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Tom Kay receives 2020 Kellion Award

News: 13th November 2020

SVI Director, Professor Tom Kay, has been awarded the 2020 Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) Kellion Award. This honour is granted by the Kellion Foundation and the ADS to an Australian who...

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SVI leads world-first clinical trial

News: 12th November 2020

Researchers at St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (SVI) in Melbourne are leading a clinical trial to test a treatment intended to stop the immune system from destroying the...

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Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant awarded

News: 22nd October 2020

Dr Shiang (Max) Lim has been awarded a $150,000 Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant for a project that will look at developing a new treatment to protect the heart from damage following a heart...

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Ramaciotti Health Investment Grant awarded

News: 21st October 2020

Dr Davis McCarthy is one of seven recipients awarded a 2020 Ramaciotti Health Investment Grant, announced today.
The grants are awarded to autonomous early career scientists to support health...

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World Osteoporosis Day 2020

News: 20th October 2020

Worldwide, one in three women and one in five men aged 50 years and over will suffer an osteoporotic fracture. Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and fragile, so that they break easily...

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Spring newsletter 2020

News: 08th September 2020

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter provides some relief from the recent cloudy skies we've experienced due to both the tail end of winter and the pandemic. We hope you'll find it to be a refreshing...

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Get a peek behind the curtain

News: 07th September 2020

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Carl Walkley appointed Professor

News: 01st September 2020

Carl Walkley, Head of SVI’s Cancer & RNA Biology Laboratory, has been appointed an honorary Professor by the University of Melbourne.

“Carl is a leader the field of RNA regulation. His work...

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