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The Susan Alberti Islet Isolation Facility

News: 25th May 2017

Today SVI formally named its islet isolation facility in honour of Susan Alberti AC.

“Susan’s incredible financial and emotional support of the islet transplant program was an integral part...

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Happy Mother’s Day!

News: 14th May 2017

The children of SVI's Women in Research help celebrate Mother's Day. Doesn't get much cuter than this lot!

2017 Women in Research Award Announced

News: 11th May 2017

Dr Jacki Heraud-Farlow is the recipient of the 2017 Susan Alberti Medical Research Foundation (SAMRF) Women in Research Award, presented earlier today at the 5th Annual SAMRF Mother’s Day...

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SVI welcomes 2017-18 Victorian State Budget

News: 03rd May 2017

SVI and the rest of Victoria’s independent medical research sector welcomes and celebrates the Victorian Government’s budget announcement yesterday, introducing the first substantial increase...

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Stuart Mannering receives diabetes award

News: 20th April 2017

Associate Professor Stuart Mannering, a global leader in diabetes research, is hoping he can discover a therapy that will ‘turn-off’ the immune response that may cause type 1 diabetes.


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