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SVI’s Support Group impact touches many

News: 27th October 2022

After a three-year hiatus, SVI’s Support Group recently held its ‘comeback’ Black Tie Dinner at The Athenaeum Club. 

“We were very pleased that we could bring everyone back together again,”...

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NHMRC grant awarded to Professor Carl Walkley

News: 13th October 2022

Professor Carl Walkley’s research aimed at understanding the role of cellular RNA editing received a $2.3M boost with an Investigator Grant from the National Health and Medical Research...

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Cancer Australia takes project to next level

News: 28th September 2022

Professor Louise Purton, one of Australia’s leading blood disease researchers, has recently been awarded a Cancer Australia grant to improve therapies for myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS).

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Funding boost for heart repair research

News: 21st September 2022

A two-year grant announced today from the Medical Research Future Fund’s Cardiovascular Health Mission will support a team led by SVI’s Dr Shiang (Max) Lim to develop stem cell-based therapy...

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Targeting immune cells to treat Alzheimer’s

News: 21st September 2022

Almost half a million Australians live with dementia, with some 1.6 million people involved in their care. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia among older adults.


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Brain study leads to bone discovery

News: 19th September 2022

A study led by Monash University has resulted in a new area of scientific inquiry for SVI’s Deputy Director and leading bone biologist, Professor Natalie Sims. 

“I was approached by...

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New Fellowship supports gene editing research

News: 25th July 2022

SVI's Dr Astrid Glaser has been awarded the Inaugural Captain Courageous Fellowship, for research focused on developing a new treatment path for the genetic condition, Fanconi Anaemia.

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Unexpected discovery offers rare disease hope

News: 11th July 2022

Scientists at SVI have made a ‘surprising’ new finding that may support improved screening, diagnosis and treatment targets for the rare and fatal genetic condition MMIHS (also known as...

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mRNA research could be key to type 1 diabetes treatment

News: 06th July 2022

A team led by SVI’s Associate Professor Mark Chong, has been awarded a two-year grant from the Victorian Government’s new mRNA Research Acceleration Fund to push forward development of an...

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Testing the quality of a COVID RAT

News: 01st July 2022

Rapid antigen testing (RAT) for COVID-19 has quickly become a regular routine for many Australians, as a tool to support our return to schools, workplaces and ‘normal’ life.  

But while...

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