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Living with cancer: Gay’s experience

News: 10th September 2021

Cancer survivor Gay knows all too well how devastating chemotherapy can be.

“I had terrible ulcers in my nose and sores in my mouth. I lost my hair – some of which has never grown back. I...

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New research identifies blood ‘factory’ cells

News: 09th September 2021

Research led by Professor Louise Purton has made some major strides towards better understanding how blood cells are produced in the bone marrow, with implications for the treatment of blood...

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A gift for future generations

News: 09th September 2021

Like many Australians, SVI supporter Christine Tarascio AM feels indebted to scientists at the forefront of medical research – whether in decades past or the current era of COVID-19.

“When I...

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Attacking the ALT pathway

News: 08th September 2021

“The problem of chemotherapy – experienced by most cancer patients – is that while it kills cancer cells, it also kills useful cells in many parts of the body. Hence the terrible...

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New funding extends blood cancer research

News: 27th August 2021

Associate Professor Mark Chong has received a grant from Perpetual Foundation – The Ann Helene Toakley Charitable Endowment, to support his research into new treatment targets for a...

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SVI alumnus receives 2021 TJ Martin Medal

News: 05th August 2021

The 2021 TJ Martin Medal has been awarded to Dr Wilson Castillo-Tandazo, who completed his PhD at SVI last year, researching what drives cancer development in Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome, a...

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New project targets adolescent cancers

News: 07th July 2021

A three-year Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant of almost $1 million has been awarded to Prof Carl Walkley and Dr Monique Smeets in SVI’s Cancer and RNA Biology Lab. The funding will...

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SVI announces collaboration with Pfizer

News: 22nd June 2021

St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research has entered into a new oncology-focused research collaboration with Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation.

This early-stage research...

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Anders puts his hand up for type 1 trial

News: 10th June 2021

“Will I still be able to surf big waves?” 

That was Anders’ first thought when he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 29. 

“I’d lost about 10 kilos in six weeks. My gut feeling...

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Uncovering bipolar disorder’s molecular map

News: 10th June 2021

The world's first treatment for bipolar disorder was discovered in the 1940s by a psychiatrist-researcher working in an abandoned pantry in the Bundoora Repatriation Mental Hospital in...

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