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Our 2018-19 Research Review

News: 29th April 2019

Research.  Discovery.  Impact.

Those three words loom large in the SVI 2018-19 Annual Review, and with good reason. 

St Vincent’s Institute is singularly focused on creating better health...

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Autumn 2019 newsletter

News: 20th March 2019

The theme for this issue is "Foundations of Success", and focuses on our people, our supporters and partners and the collaboration between them. As our Director, Professor Tom Kay says in his...

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Cancer Council grant success

News: 08th March 2019

The year 2008 was a busy one for Louise Purton. With her husband, fellow researcher Carl Walkley and their 4-month old son, she moved back to Melbourne from Harvard, where she had spent three...

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Rare Disease Day: a year-round endeavour

News: 28th February 2019

While much of SVI's research is focused on common diseases, we also do some world-leading research in rare diseases.
One such disease is Fanconi Anaemia, a rare genetic disease that leads to...

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For the Love of Science

News: 21st February 2019

Last week’s inaugural 'For the Love of Science' fundraising dinner was a great success, with more than $130,000 being raised on the evening to support our ‘Rising Star’ research program.

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