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2017 Millennium Award presented to SVI researcher

News: 20th April 2017

Associate Professor Stuart Mannering, a global leader in diabetes research, is hoping he can discover a therapy that will ‘turn-off’ the immune response that may cause type 1 diabetes.


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St Vincent’s Institute launches ‘Living Biobank’

News: 13th April 2017

St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research (SVI) has launched a ‘Living Biobank’, to support our research into diseases that affect Australians, including diabetes and cancer.


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World Parkinson’s Day - April 11th

News: 10th April 2017

Imagine the brain is a city; like any city it needs garbage collectors to keep the streets free of garbage. Similarly, the brain has cells that are responsible for removing toxic protein...

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SVI Golf Day 2017

Event: 27th October 2017

For the last decade, the St Vincent's Institute (SVI) Charity Golf Day has raised in excess of $735,000 for medical research at SVI. Each year, we receive overwhelming feedback that this is a...

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Our Autumn 2017 newsletter is out now!

News: 30th March 2017

This month's newsletter is entitled Re-enacting the crime: SVI researchers disssecting disease in the test-tube

Professor Tom Kay touches on a few hot topics in our Autumn 2017 newsletter:...

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