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SVI COVID-19 update

News: 19th March 2020

In keeping with the advice of the nation’s public health experts, SVI will not be hosting any public events or tours until further notice, and seminars will now be presented via the Zoom...

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SVI joins response to tackle COVID-19

News: 06th March 2020

SVI’s National Serology Reference Laboratory (NRL) has joined with The Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity and the Burnet Institute to tackle the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)....

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For the Love of Science-Take 2!

News: 18th February 2020

We are pleased to announce that $200,000 was raised at SVI's 2nd Annual 'For the Love of Science' fundraising dinner. Proceeds from the event are designated for our Rising Star Program.


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Focus on World Cancer Day

News: 04th February 2020

Cancer starts with DNA damage.

This damage occurs randomly and constantly – simply as a consequence of our daily lives – because of aging, exposure to radiation, environmental carcinogens...

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‘Ancient’ system points to potential cancer drugs

News: 20th January 2020

SVI researchers, in collaboration with scientists at Flinders University in Adelaide, have uncovered a metabolic system which could lead to new strategies for cancer treatment.

A team at...

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