The student research project aims to enhance an existing R package – synapsis – for meiotic immunofluorescence data analysis, streamlining its functionalities and addressing user feedback to create a more efficient and user-friendly tool. By conducting an in-depth review of the current package and identifying areas of improvement, the student will work on optimising data preprocessing steps, implementing advanced image analysis algorithms, and incorporating robust statistical methods for data quantification. Additionally, the project will focus on enhancing visualisation capabilities, allowing researchers to gain better insights into meiotic events. Through rigorous testing and validation with real-world datasets, the student will ensure the package’s reliability and reproducibility.

By collaborating with the package’s developers and actively seeking feedback from users, this research endeavour seeks to provide a valuable resource for the scientific community, enabling more accurate and comprehensive analysis of meiotic immunofluorescence data and contributing to advancements in our understanding of meiosis and genetic recombination.

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Wayne Crismani
Wayne Crismani

Head, DNA Repair & Recombination

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