I am a structural biologist with a strong background in protein purification, enzyme kinetics, assay design and protein engineering. I was trained in structural studies by Professor James Whisstock, A-Prof Sheena McGowan and Dr Ruby Law in the Dept. of Biochemistry at Monash University. There, I completed structure-function studies on DNA binding protein Myeloid and Erythroid Nuclear Termination protein (honours) and inhibitory neurotransmitter producing enzyme Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase (PhD), as well as stints as a research assistant working on both academic and commercial projects.

In 2013, I moved to SVI to join the world-renowned kinase biology laboratory of Professor Bruce Kemp, where I reinstated structural studies within the Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit. My research within the unit revolved around protein structure and function of metabolic enzymes, with a major focus on natural and synthetic regulation of the master-metabolic regulator AMP-activated Protein Kinase.

Currently, I’m a Team Leader within the Protein Chemistry and Metabolism Unit at SVI, where my team split their time between academic and commercial projects. My academic projects include natural and synthetic allosteric regulation of energy sensing proteins and engineering/design of protein-protein interactions. My team combines structural and biochemical techniques (X-ray crystallography, enzyme kinetics, SPR binding studies, protein engineering/design and mass spectrometry techniques like HDX-MS and phospho-proteomics) to provide a comprehensive view of the allosteric regulation of energy sensing proteins and protein-protein interactions. Strengthening my teams’ research capabilities, I have long-standing collaborations with experts in Cryo-EM, Cell Biology, in silico Protein Modelling and Medicinal Chemistry.

Key achievements

2022.   SVI Rising Star Award

202o  SVI Rising Star Post-Doctoral Research Award

2018-2021   NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship

2018  Harold Mitchell Foundation post-doctoral travel fellowship

2017  EH Flack fellowship, the Marian and E.H. Flack trust

2016-2018  Jack Brockhoff Early Career Research Grant

2016   ASVI Directors’ award – Most outstanding publication, post-doctoral researcher

2016   Young Investigator award – 41st Lorne conference on Protein Structure and Function

2009   NHMRC Dora Lush PhD Scholarship

Selected publications

Ashley J Ovens, Yi Sing Gee, Naomi XY Ling, Dingyi Yu, Justin P Hardee, Jin D Chung, Kevin RW Ngoei, Nicholas J Waters, Nolan J Hoffman, John W Scott, Kim Loh, Katrin Spengler, Regine Heller, Michael W Parker, Gordon S Lynch, Fei Huang, Sandra Galic, Bruce E Kemp, Jonathan B Baell, Jonathan S Oakhill, Christopher G Langendorf (2022). Structure-function analysis of the AMPK activator SC4 and identification of a potent pan AMPK activator. Biochemical Journal. 479 (11), p. 1181-1204

Christopher G Langendorf, Matthew T O’Brien, Kevin RW Ngoei, Luke M McAloon, Urmi Dhagat, Ashfaqul Hoque, Naomi XY Ling, Toby A Dite, Sandra Galic, Kim Loh, Michael W Parker, Jonathan S Oakhill, Bruce E Kemp, John W Scott (2020). CaMKK2 is inactivated by cAMP-PKA signaling and 14-3-3 adaptor proteins. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 295 (48), p. 16239-16250.

Stephen L Pinkosky, John W Scott, Eric M Desjardins, Brennan K Smith, Emily A Day, Rebecca J Ford, Christopher G Langendorf, Naomi XY Ling, Tracy L Nero, Kim Loh, Sandra Galic, Ashfaqul Hoque, William J Smiles, Kevin RW Ngoei, Michael W Parker, Yan Yan, Karsten Melcher, Bruce E Kemp, Jonathan S Oakhill, Gregory R Steinberg (2020). Long-chain fatty acyl-CoA esters regulate metabolism via allosteric control of AMPK β1 isoforms. Nature metabolism. 2 (9), p. 873-881

Kevin RW Ngoei, Christopher G Langendorf, Naomi XY Ling, Ashfaqul Hoque, Swapna Varghese, Michelle A Camerino, Scott R Walker, Ylva E Bozikis, Toby A Dite, Ashley J Ovens, William J Smiles, Roxane Jacobs, He Huang, Michael W Parker, John W Scott, Mark H Rider, Richard C Foitzik, Bruce E Kemp, Jonathan B Baell, Jonathan S Oakhill (2018). Structural determinants for small-molecule activation of skeletal muscle AMPK α2β2γ1 by the glucose importagog SC4. Cell chemical biology. 25 (6), p. 728-737.

Toby A Dite, Christopher G Langendorf, Ashfaqul Hoque, Sandra Galic, Richard J Rebello, Ashley J Ovens, Lisa M Lindqvist, Kevin RW Ngoei, Naomi XY Ling, Luc Furic, Bruce E Kemp, John W Scott, Jonathan S Oakhill (2018). AMP-activated protein kinase selectively inhibited by the type II inhibitor SBI-0206965. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 293 (23), p. 8874-8885.

Christopher G Langendorf, Kevin RW Ngoei, John W Scott, Naomi XY Ling, Sam MA Issa, Michael A Gorman, Michael W Parker, Kei Sakamoto, Jonathan S Oakhill, Bruce E Kemp (2016). Structural basis of allosteric and synergistic activation of AMPK by furan-2-phosphonic derivative C2 binding. Nature communications. 7 (1), p. 10912.